Every phone on this list has been thoroughly tested by CNET's team of experts. We use the phone, test the features, play games and take photos. We evaluate any marketing promises a company makes about its phones. And if we find something we don't like, whether it's battery life or build quality, we'll let you know.

We examine every aspect of a phone during testing:

  • Show
  • Design and feel
  • Processor performance
  • Battery life
  • Camera quality
  • Characteristics

We tested all of the phone's cameras (front and rear) in a variety of conditions: from outdoors in sunlight to darker indoor locations and night scenes (for any available night modes). We also compared our findings to similarly priced models. We have a series of real-world battery tests to see how long a phone lasts in everyday use.

We took into account additional phone features like 5G, fingerprint and facial scanners, styluses, fast charging, foldable screens, and other useful extras. We compare all our experiences and tests with price so you know if a phone represents good value.

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