An extended version of Ben Affleck's Super Bowl commercial has been released. The Dunkin' commercial features the star's complete journey to pop stardom, forming the boy band The DunKings.

There, Affleck enlists fellow Bostonian Matt Damon and former New England Patriots star Tom Brady to form a boy band.

The extended version begins with Affleck watching the news, where they call him “The Most Bored Man in the World,” mocking his facial expressions when he is at events with his wife, J.Lo.

Affleck, with donuts in hand, is inspired to release some beats and viewers see the entire process the actor went through to create the concept for The DunKings.

Charli D'Amelio makes a cameo as Affleck confronts her with a clip from an interview in which she is asked if she knows who the actor is.

“Oh! Jennifer Lopez's husband, that's cool,” says D'Amelio.

Affleck follows some tips from D'Amelio on how to dance to “influence” on social media.

“She comes to my house, doesn’t ask permission. Now I’m going to go out there and show her what I can do,” Affleck tells Jack Harlow about his idea to crash Jennifer Lopez’s recording session.

Harlow tries to stop Affleck from doing this, telling him to listen to “the voice of reason,” telling Affleck that it is a bad idea.

Lopez is then seen in the recording studio working on her latest album titled This is me now. Affleck then gathers his courage and interrupts the session with “The Boston Massacre – The DunKings”.

“Sometimes it's really hard to be your friend, man,” Damon says after Affleck introduces him.

The DunKings then perform in front of J.Lo and Fat Joe, leaving Lopez perplexed and telling Affleck, “We've already talked about this.”

Affleck gives up and leaves the studio, but Lopez asks Brady to stay.

The full song titled “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart!” will be released on Dunkin's social media channels on Valentine's Day.

Watch the extended version of the Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial above.