ANDI Madrid doesn't even leave crumbs Champions and went to victory in Berlin to sign the plenary session. He defied bad luck (he never won the European Cup when he won every group stage match) and played with Bellinghamto what Ancelotti He gave 95 minutes without hesitation.

In the Christian way. The Italian didn't even pay attention to the Olympic's uneven grass, nor did he look at the Englishman's shoulder and ankle. He wanted to win at all costs and subjected his star to a good beating. Jude is very physically fit, but if he got injured on a night that was unimportant from a sporting point of view… What didn't save him was the yellow card, his second in this Champions League, so he's one step away from suspension. He can now be impeccable in the two duels in the round of 16 and quarter-finals…

Union Berlin 2-3 Real Madrid: summary and goals | Champions League (J6)

Leaving aside Jude's management, there is no doubt that Real Madrid's standings in this first stretch of the season should be excellent. In both the League and the Champions League, and despite the plague of serious injuries, the team works like clockwork. And that is also Ancelotti's credit.

Joselu has already had eight

The Real Madrid striker is delivering and with flying colors. He didn't arrive to be an undisputed starter, but to unlock games and play in matches like those against Unin Berlin. And he is playing his role perfectly. Real Madrid's number 14 has already scored eight goals this season, almost all of them goals, which was what Ancelotti was looking for with his incorporation. In three months he has already performed better than Mariano in five years.

Joselu justifies himself with his first double in Europe

It felt like Spain in Qatar

Real Madrid closed the first half in Berlin with 483 passes and 1-0 against. Needless to say, it was the Whites' Champions League record… and of little use to them. Real Madrid didn't deserve to be behind on the scoreboard, but they lacked some determination to find the goal that would put them ahead. The own goal was an accident following a missed penalty by Modric. In the second half, playing more outside, he found a better way to the goal.

Will Bellingham take the next penalty?

We have no doubts about Luka Modric, specialist from the eleven meters and accredited kicker for Real Madrid and Croatia, but seeing Real Madrid's dynamics from the penalty spot this season (four shots and four misses) and taking into account that at 10 there was no is a regular starter, shouldn't Ancelotti bet on Bellingham as a shooter? The Englishman is the star of the team, he has personality, he has a good shot and he is committed to scoring. As happened with Cristiano in his time, at this moment it seems like the safest bet. This year, Luka (Union Berlin), Joselu (Osasuna), Rodrygo (Celta) and Vinicius (Bara in pre-season) failed.

Qu aficin la del Union!

Union Berlin fans filled the Olímpico with Real Madrid's visit and created one of the best atmospheres in the Champions League. It's a shame that UEFA didn't let them play in a much more closed field, but despite everything they improved a competition whose format should never change.

Rodrygo is always decisive

He didn't score, but he resolved it with a cross from the wing that equalized at 1-1. We're talking about Rodrygo, who contributes even when he doesn't score. The striker opened the game with a fantastic maneuver on the right and a measured cross to the head of Joselu, who in the area is a bonanza for the assistants. Everything ends. The striker also took advantage of Fran García's center to make it 1-2.

The suffering Ancelotti caused

With first place assured, Ancelotti kept Jude Bellingham until the end. Amid a plague of injuries, keeping the team's star on the Olympic's uneven pitch was somewhat reckless. It's a good thing Jude finished the game unscathed, because the Gavi thing would have been small compared to that… Of course, he got a yellow card that you remember at the cross.