IThe Under 21 team search first Belgium practically sentencing its qualifying phase for the next European of the category thinking that a victory could give it an advantage of six points over its current rival and many more over a Scotland that you can see the faces with Hunger at the same time. With half the path covered until the appointment of the Slovakia 2015those of Santa Dénia They will be able to leave the pass resolved and thus start thinking about increasing the squad of players who will be able to travel next season to the final phase of the tournament.

In the match, the Spanish technical committee may make some changes to the eleven. Everything indicates that Meet could be present at the point of attack after the good minutes he played last Friday Huelva bet Hunger. In just a few minutes he made his qualities clear and it was impossible for the visiting defense to stop him. The attacker of Alaves He is becoming one of the most promising strikers in Spanish football as he has improved his reading of the game and his ability to control aerial balls against rival defenders.

Another player who could start is Paulo Torre. The Cantabrian midfielder is not having an easy season at Gironabut as noted Santa Dénia: “Have minutes on the leader of LaLiga difficult”. With only eight matches played and after not playing six matches this season, the truth is that Santa Dénia has not lost confidence in a football player who demonstrates his value when he uses the elastic of his Espaa. He is also not a fixed owner with the Under 21, but the truth is that in four games played in the qualifying phase he scored two goals and provided two more assists. Without having a great performance for his club, he started against Kazakhstan and the La Mancha coach doesn’t hesitate to highlight him.”We like him a lot, I encourage him to continue working with Michel and get the most out of us”, he declares.

Luxury midfield

In this way, after a campaign in Barcelona in which he did not have many opportunities and in a season in which he was unable to start at the same pace as his club teammates due to an injury in the final stretch of the pre-season, Paulo Torre you can feel like one of the most important members of the team, something that has happened throughout your sporting career in the lower categories of the Race and the Selection.

This way, Paulo Torre form in a midfield filled with players of the stature of a Pablo Barrios who has already become a midfielder for this under-21 despite returning to play as an interior player in his team, with a Turrients who is a pillar of the technical committee and with a Gabri Veiga who is eager to show his best version with the Spanish team.

Finally, The Red measure up Belgium with the security that comes from not having conceded a single goal in the qualifying phase and from easily seeing the rival’s goal as demonstrated by the 13 goals in favor.


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