Ito the music of Badthat this Monday was the first guest of the week Pablo Motos in 'The anthill', gave way to fiction this Tuesday. And the actors Pedro Alonso Yes Begoa Vargas visited the entertainment program Atresmedia which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday, from 9:45 pm, on Antenna 3 to present 'Berlin'the prequel to 'The Money Heist', which explores the origins of the character that made the Galician actor popular. The eight-episode series will premiere on Netflix next December 29th.

After greeting the guests and sitting down, Pablo Motos began the interview wanting to know the temporal space in which 'Berlin' is located in relation to 'La casa de papel'. “Technically it's a prequel, but in the metaverse there would be a Berlin of 'La casa de papel' and this would be in another energetic tone, in another galaxy. In fact, It's another series“said Pedro Alonso.”It's more comedy, more romantic comedy. In 'La casa de papel' we stole the series of thieves from the Anglo-Saxons and in 'Berlin' we stole romanticism from the French.s”, added the vigus interpreter.


Begoa Vargas plays Cameron in 'Berlin', a character who does not appear in 'La casa de papel' and who does not know what it means to steal until he meets Berlin. “My character has a somewhat dizzying and volcanic past, and joins the gang as an apprentice thief.“, indicated the Madrid native, who explained that “Cameron is much braver than me. I don't know if I could steal it, honestly. I've never stolen in my life, I'm terrible at it, I get super nervous“, stated the actress. Pedro Alonso is the one who knows what stealing means in real life: “I once stole candy in Vigo when I was about 8 years old and it was an absolutely terrifying experience. It was horrible, very difficult“.

Back in 'Berlin', Pablo Motos is curious to know what the gang led by the character played by Pedro Alonso wants to steal. “Let's do a trompe l'oeil and at the end We are going to steal 44 million euros worth of jewelry, although in the end all this for Berlin is a pretext, a kind of mechanism, so that all the people in the band, who are disturbed and disturbed people, feel things in a genuine way. as if it were the first and as if it were the last time, but we are going to steal 44 million euros worth of jewelry”, said the actor born in Vigo 52 years ago.

The anthill

Pablo Motos, Begoa Vargas and Pedro Alonso.ATRESMEDIA

The presenter of 'El Hormiguero' highlighted a scene from a car race in which Begoa Vargas' character is on the roof of a vehicle. “There is always a specialized person who knows what to do if something happens or if there is something wrong with the engine and he is the one who does these types of scenes, but then I did the scene on the virtual set.“The actress assured that next Monday, December 18th, she will turn 24 years old.”It was difficult, I think it's one of the hardest things I've ever done because on an emotional level it was one thing and on a physical level it was another. So I had to dissociate myself, Because to get to the emotion, relaxing the body works a lot for me, but it was a moment of tension and physically I had to be super tense. It was something I had never done“, he continued.

After a break for advertising, Pablo Motos asked Pedro Alonso if there are love stories in 'Berlin', as he had stated at the beginning of the program that in the series that will arrive on Netflix on December 29th, they stole the romanticism of the Frenchman . “Clearly We launched the romantic comedy, to the super-hot Mediterranean spirit and all the personalities, all the roles around the character Berlin, all the characters in the band, indulge in romanticism in a loose way, but each in their own way. Of course, romanticism in the tone of Berlin, which is a way of turning around and subverting the romantic comedy.“, replied the protagonist of the fiction.

After seeing the trailer for 'Berlin', Pablo Motos wanted to know if Pedro Alonso gave any advice to his co-stars if the series is as successful as 'La casa de papel'. “In recent years I have seen an energetic performance that made me come to the conclusion that Sometimes the information is too much. I also had the feeling that Sometimes it's better to say nothing and try to articulate my energy from somewhere that feels good and see if it works for them. I think the team has worked very well so far, although It's true that when he moved to 'La casa de papel' it was brutal, but most of the people who joined 'Berlin' have a lot of experience and the best they can do is approach it with a certain distance and focus. what you can focus on, which is what’s in front of the cameras“, commented the winner of the 2018 Actors' Union Award in the category of best supporting television actor for his work in 'La casa de papel'.

Pedro Alonso and Begoa Vargas explain how success affects them

The presenter of 'El Hormiguero' also questioned the Vigo-born artist about whether 'La casa de papel' changed his life. “Since now am moved my boat significantly. I write a lot of non-fiction about everything that happens to me and what I've written about what happened to me and what happened to the people around me is enough for a novel, but I'll title it when I'm not around because sometimes there's movements of energy, of what is generated around us, which are very disturbing”, highlighted Pedro Alonso. Immediately afterwards, Pablo Motos asked Begoa Vargas if it makes her dizzy that 'Berlim' has the same success. “The truth is that I don't think about it, I try not to think about it, I try to be in the present. The work we do, whether good or bad, cannot be changed, So worry about it… Thinking about the future makes me anxious, so I work and try to be in the present as much as possible.“, said the actress.

Pedro Alonso is a very curious person and Pablo Motos expressed surprise at having recorded a documentary, entitled 'The Ship of Enchantment'. in which he researches shamanism, a topic about which there are often prejudices. “People associate it with drugs and we come from a culture where drugs are bad. And it is true that drugs are certainly bad, but there are substances that come directly from nature that in ritual contexts have served for thousands of years as a form of physical cleansing, a form of self-knowledge and a form of spiritual connection, which was what the old women did when they related to the Earth's cycles. And that's what the documentary is about, of reconnection with the cycles of life and with the cycles themselves”, observed the Galician.

The anthill

Pablo Motos, Begoa Vargas and Pedro Alonso.ATRESMEDIA

Before finishing the interview, Begoa Vargas wanted to take advantage of her presence in 'El Hormiguero' to make visible a chronic disease that she has suffered since she was little: atopic dermatitis. “Atopic dermatitis is a disease that is closely linked to anxiety, stress and everything emotional, but we really don't know where it comes from. In my case it's not serious, because there are people who have severe atopic dermatitis, but sometimes I have outbreaks of atopic dermatitis. As a public figure, I want to talk about this because There are people who suffer from this, who feel insecure and try to hide it. I've stopped covering it because for a long time I assumed it was part of me.“he emphasized.”I wanted to talk about this so that anyone suffering from atopic dermatitis doesn't feel helpless.“, he highlighted in conclusion.

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