Bibi and Becky G are bandits. On Thursday night, the two stars released the video for their single “Amigos,” which shows the two musicians on the run after robbing a group of men at a pool party. Music allowed them to step out of their comfort zones and musical styles, Bibi and Becky Say Rolling Stone.

“This collaboration allowed me to expand my artistic talent, pushing boundaries and merging different genres,” says Becky Rolling Stone. “The sensual lyrics express our powerful and bold side. As an artist who loves to collaborate, I welcome any opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to create fresh, innovative sounds.”

The opening scene of the Mutant-directed video is reminiscent of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s iconic “Telephone” video, as the two stars suspiciously drive an old car on the highway. The video shows the two stars pulling the car aside before entering a nearby pool party.

Bibi and Becky then divide and conquer as they flirt with the guys at the party before taking a mysterious turn when the protagonists are seen taking the boys’ watches and jewelry. The video ends with the women posing next to the getaway car as sirens wail in the background.

Bibi says Rolling Stone that she is “very happy” that the song – which she hears the musicians singing in Korean, English and Spanish – has finally been released into the world.

“Becky and I met last year and have been trying to release music together ever since,” says Bibi. Rolling Stone. “Collaborating with Becky really pushed me to step out of my comfort zone creatively and I loved the result.”

“’Friends’ is a testament to the magic that happens as a result of two artists coming together to create something truly special for their fans,” adds Becky.


This is not the first time that one of the singers has made forays into Latin music and K-Pop. Bibi recently tapped Chilean singer Princess Alba on a remix of “Bibi Vengeance,” while Becky G collaborated with BTS’s J-Hope in 2019 for a recreation of “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

Recently, Becky released her song Mexicana LP Corners featuring songs such as “La Nena” with Gabito Ballesteros, “Cries in Spanish” with DannyLux and “Chanel” with Peso Pluma. Meanwhile, Bibi released the singles “Hongdae R&B” and “Hangang Gongwon” over the summer. Her last album, Low Life Princess: Noircame in November 2022.


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