ANDThis Wednesday, Baxi Manresa became the first team to attack the Palau Blaugrana this season after thirteen games in all competitions and, led in attack by Marcis Steinbergs (15 points), reinforced their candidacy for the Copa del Rey with a prestigious victory against Bara (82-83).

In a power-to-power duel, Pedro Martínez's team was the most solid and energetic. Irregular especially in defense (14-27, min.11), the Barça team came back in the second half supported by the talent of Nico Laprovittola (12 points) and Daro Brizuela (17 points, 10 in the last quarter), but failed. He didn't know how to close the game (77-71, min.35) and was overcome by Baxi Manresa's will in the final seconds.

Two of the best attacks in the Liga Endesa were at the Palau Blaugrana and the start did not disappoint, with two triples from Kalinic in response to two more from Sagnia and Taylor, but the initial success gave way to an erratic stretch, especially from Bara, who committed nine turnovers in the first quarter.

Dani Garça increased the score to 10-16 with a triple (min.9), which forced a timeout for Roger Grimau. A sterile awakening to the inspiration of Baxi Manresa, launched with two triples from Sagnia, another from Williams and a dunk from Geben (14-27, min.11).

Bará's reaction came from the defense. Once the physical bar was raised, the Barça team was able to run and score easily with shots from Hernangmez, Da Silva and Jokubaitis (23-27, min.13). Pedro Martínez didn't take long to ask for a timeout and Baxi Manresa regrouped immediately.

Active in defense, Bages' team blocked a low pass from Bara in the static attack and punished the Barça team's defensive imbalances. The return of Vesely, Kalinic and Satoransky strengthened the local team, unbalanced by points from Laprovittola before the break and Satoransky after (47-44, min.24).

The emergence of Laprovittola, with eight consecutive points, was not enough to defeat Baxi Manresa, who thanks to triples from Taylor and Steinbergs took the lead (60-65) in a final quarter of high pace and scoring.

Brizuela's departure gave the energy and points (10 in the last quarter) that Bara needed to change the momentum of the game (77-71, min.35), but Pedro Martínez's team did not give up and completed the recovery at 4, 7 seconds left. with a free throw from Dani Garça. Laprovittola missed the layup at the buzzer that would have given Bara the victory (82-83).

Technical sheet:

82. Only (14+22+24+22): Satoransky (10), Laprovittola (12), Kalinic (8), Parker (10), Vesely (2), Hernangmez (8), Parra (3), Jokubaitis (5), Brizuela (17), Da Silva (7) , Paulo (-) and Nnaji (-).

83. Baxi Manresa (22+16+26+18): Taylor (10), Badio (2), Sagnia (11), Steinbergs (15), Robinson (12) -starting team-, Dani Garca (11), Williams (6), Valtonen (7), Oriola (2) and Geben (7).

referees: Alfonso Olivares, Joaqun Garca and Fabio Fernndez. Sealaron anti-sports foul against local Da Silva (min.15) and technical foul against visiting coach Pedro Martnez (min.38).

Incidences: The 15th round of the Liga Endesa was played at the Palau Blaugrana, in Barcelona, ​​in front of 3,286 spectators.