ANDBaskonia recovered this Friday from Asvel Villeurbanne with everything against them and a team tormented by losses and recovered 16 points to achieve their fourth consecutive victory, 81 to 88, in the ninth round of the Euroleague.

Technical sheet

  • 81 – Asvel Villeurbanne (30+19+16+16): Lee (12), Luwawu-Cabarrot (10), Lighty (6), Lauvergne (16) and Fall (6) -starting five-, Scott (22), Kahudi (2), Gbunu (4), Yaacov (3) and Jackson (-).
  • 88 – Baskonia (20+22+31+15): Miller-McIntyre (2), Howard (35), Dez (6), Costello (16) and Kotsar (4) -five starters-, Raieste (4), Chiozza (2), Mannion (-) and Moneke (19).
  • referees: Piotr Pastuasiak (Poland), Anne Panther (Germany) and Dragan Porobic (Serbia). They eliminated Miller-McIntyre due to personal fouls (min.37). They called a technical foul on local coach Pozzeco (min.4) and he was sent off in the second half (min.29). Baskonista Howard was also sanctioned (min. 23).
  • Incidents: Game corresponding to the ninth round of the Euroleague played at Astroballe de Lyon.

Only three Barça players, Markus Howard (35), Chima Moneke (19) and Matt Costello (16) multiplied to add 70 fundamental points in a duel that closed in their favor with a great defensive approach in the last five minutes of the match.

Since the expulsion of Gianmarco Pozzeco, the Gauls lost the energy they showed in the first half and hit the Baskonist wall in the final stretch.

Mike Scott, with 22 points, was the best of the locals, who missed Nando De Colo when he burned the ball the most.

The French entered the game with a better feeling and punished the Blaugranas in the paint, who reacted with Chima Moneke’s entry onto the court, but remained behind on the scoreboard.

The counterattack and the outside shot punished the Baskonistas, who were not up to their defensive standards and were the perpetrators of the great success in the three points of the Gauls, who advanced 30-20.

Five points from Paris Lee set off the alarms in a power-depleted Baskonia, which suffered in every action.

Asvel played above the rim, with Mike Scott, forced to increase the defensive intensity, which held the game based on individual plays and the inspiration of Markus Howard.

Gianmarco Pozzeco’s men scored with a free kick, but the Basques scored three to three to tighten the game, 45 to 40, but they did not select their attacks well and wasted the opportunity to take advantage of their rival, who managed the final stretch better. first half, 49-42.

Three triples from Markus Howard and another from Moneke dampened Asvel’s great start, who continued with the first half’s script, punishing the Victorians in the paint, but was unable to stop the Baskonist guard, who put Baskonia in front, with four minutes remaining. . the third round.

These were key minutes for the outcome of the game and Dusko Ivanovic’s team approached them seriously. He took advantage of the crisis that Pozzeco’s expulsion caused for Asvel and entered the final quarter with a 65-73 advantage.

Luwawu-Cabarrot reengaged his team in a game that entered a phase of madness and errors, although Baskonia managed to stay ahead as the sand fell on the clock.

Asvel used his physical strength to tie the duel again with five minutes remaining, 76 to 76, but the Barça team rolled up its sleeves in defense to prevent its rival from scoring easily in the last few actions.

In fact, the French only scored three points in that decisive phase of the match and Baskonia perfectly selected their actions at that moment to win the duel, 81-88.



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