Neslihan Yesilyurt’s romance drama, Bambaska Biri, has been making quite the buzz lately, all owing to its main leads, Leyla and Kenan, who will be played by Hande Ercel and Burak Deniz.

After their 2016 series, Ask Laftan Anlamaz, managed to become a hit due to their chemistry, the pair will be reuniting for this suspense-filled series. Bambaska Biri centers on Prosecutor Leyla and a journalist, Kenan, who happen to meet while working on the same murder case.

Their professional partnership soon gets them attached, and they start falling for each other, but what we usually see in the world of politics and crime is that such relationships have to go through tough times to work out. 

Breaking down the links between the murder and corruption, both Kenan and Leyla are surprised to see that they’ve stumbled into something much more complex. Aside from Leyla and Kenan’s exciting love story, Bambaska Biri will be filled with suspense and drama in the pursuit of justice.

The other cast members of Bambaska Biri will be Cem Davran playing Turan, Muttalip Mujdeci playing Resat, Gulcin Hatihan stars in the role of Sahende, and Menderes Samancilar will portray Idris Usta.

How To Watch Bambaska Biri Episodes? Streaming Guide & Schedule
Burak Deniz will portray Kenan (Credits: FOX Turkey)

Bambaska Biri: Hande Erçel & Burak Deniz’s Latest Show

The world of crime sees a new story become a part of it, called “The Hamdi Atılbay Murder,” where a man is killed in the middle of a dense and secluded forest. Leyla, who hopes to start her prosecutor career on a fresh note, starts to work on Hamdi’s case.

Besides her, many other detectives and media personnel are working on the case, too, and one of these people includes Kenan, a bright journalist who knows how to do his job well. 

Eventually, they start working together after finding themselves thinking about the case from a similar perspective. They soon start their intensive investigation, but what Leyla and Kenan find is something unexpected and dangerous. 

The Hamdi Murder is not just a brutal killing; and it somehow seems to be connected to many powerful figures in the world of politics and crime. After finding out about deep-rooted corruption, Kenan and Leyla see themselves falling for each other amid chaos and mystery.

However, their wholesome romance is put at risk when the case forces them to confront their hidden demons. Both Leyla and Kenan have a hard time figuring out how to make their relationship work while being surrounded by deception and crime.

How To Watch Bambaska Biri Episodes? Streaming Guide & Schedule
Hande Ercel plays a Prosecutor (Credits: FOX Turkey)

With a backdrop of a murder mystery, Kenan and Leyla will navigate through their former beliefs and falsehoods for each other. Bambaska Biri, which translates to Someone Else, will be showing us this couple’s journey into a climactic moment that will change their lives forever.

What excites fans more than the intriguing story of Bambaska Biri is its selection of cast since Hande and Burak are a duo that has the most perfect chemistry onscreen.

Hande Ercel has been a part of shows like Sen Cal Kapimi and Azize, while Burak Deniz has worked in Bizim Hikaye and Marasli. This will be their first series together after Ask Laftan Anlamaz, which ended up becoming one of the most popular Turkish series to ever exist. 

Bambaska Biri: Trailer

Bambaska Biri: Episode Schedule

Although the number of episodes we’ll be seeing in Bambaska Biri hasn’t been confirmed, there could be three episodes of this romance/murder series in total. Each episode of Bambaska Biri will have a runtime of 120-125 minutes. Bambaska Biri’s episode schedule:

Bambaska Biri: Streaming Guide

All-new episodes of Bambaska Biri will be premiering on FOX at 8:00 PM for viewers from Turkey. International audiences from the US and other countries will be able to watch previews on FOX Turkey’s YouTube Channel. The timing of the release of episodes in other places will be:

  • United States: 01:00 PM, Mondays
  • Australia: 03:00 AM, Tuesdays
  • India: 10:30 PM, Mondays
  • Philippines: 01:00 AM, Tuesdays
  • Germany: 07:00 PM, Mondays
  • Canada: 01:00 PM, Mondays
  • United Kingdom: 06:00 PM, Mondays

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