Quarterback Baker Mayfield told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk earlier this week that he would like to remain with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beyond the end of the current season.

Mayfield was asked about the topic during Wednesday's news conference.

“I like it here,” Mayfield explained, according to the website Privateer website. “That's a big reason why I decided to come here – because of the organization, the team, the guys, everyone around me. I'm having fun playing soccer. I like this. This is something that if you get the chance to choose, or choose, this is a good place to be.”

Mayfield has been with the Cleveland Browns since they selected him first overall in the 2018 NFL Draft through the 2021 campaign. He played for both the Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Rams last season and is currently game on a one-year contract with the 6-7 Buccaneers, who top the NFC South standings, ahead of the 6-7 Atlanta Falcons and 6-7 New Orleans Saints due to advantages of a draw.

Mayfield helped The Buccaneers started the game 3-1 before he and the club lost six of seven games. Since then, Tampa Bay has won two in a row heading into Sunday's matchup at the 6-7 Green Bay Packers, and the Bucs host playoff contest if the postseason tournament started before week 15.

“I have every confidence that everything is happening as it should and should,” Mayfield added about his future. “Mind your own business here and we'll see what happens. To get to this point, winning games will help everything, so that's where I'm at.”

Late Wednesday afternoon ESPN Football Power Index gave the Buccaneers a 35.9% chance of winning the division title. The Falcons were at 32.4% and the Saints were at 31.7%.

On Wednesday, Mayfield was asked if he had a favorite memory from his tenure in Tampa Bay, which could end with four games from now.

“I don't know yet – we'll see,” the 28-year-old replied. “I think there are still some good memories left. I can not wait for it”.

Mayfield started on Wednesday tied for ninth place in the NFL with 20 passing touchdowns in a season. While that may be admirable, how Mayfield handles his audition for the long-term job over the next four weeks of play will likely determine whether the Buccaneers bring him back in March 2024.



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