James Cameron confirmed today that he and Kate Winslet are working together again on Avatar 3, the third film in the director's $5 billion franchise. Cameron recently said the project's post-production schedule was “hectic,” but the film will be released on “Christmas '25.”

Cameron said in an interview with People that Winslet will play Ronal once again. Although Winslet's involvement in Avatar: The Path of Water was relatively minimal, it looks like she'll have more to do in the third film.

The director said Winslet “went to school” with a real-life shaman to learn more about who she will employ in the 2025 release.

“When you see her doing that purification ritual to try to revive Kitty in the movie and some of the things she does in the third movie, that's based on real practice,” he said.

It makes sense that we'd see more of Ron, given Cameron told GQ today that “the great [creative] The advancement in this film will just be greater depth of the characters.”

Here is a more complete quote from him on this:

“We are seeing new cultures, new creatures – all the same things you would expect from a avatar film, but the idea of ​​this film cycle is to live with these people and go on this epic journey with them. So I think it's not about 'Let's show you the best water [VFX] already done' – but you get more into the heart and soul of the characters. And there are some very interesting new characters that appear as well. This is time travel. It will be shown in film three, film four and film five. There is an epic cycle to all of this.”