ANDI Atlantic It barely took six minutes to choose the path that avoids one of the Champions League's monsters in the round of 16. First place in the group means that a draw does not place it alongside the feared City of Manchester, Arsenal, Bayern Munchen…However, the lead created with four wins and two draws only reinforces that of Cholo They are also a real bogeyman. Certainly none of the latter is happy to face the red and whites, who sail like just another ocean liner.

Atlético de Madrid 2-0 Lazio: summary and goals | Champions League (J6)

Griezmann leaves Luis' record within his reach… for 'his' San Mams

From the beginning of the journey, the only doubt about Griezmann being the greatest scorer in Atlético's history against Luis Aragons was knowing specifically when that would happen. Well, after the goal against Lazio that put the defense at the top of the group back on track, there are already 171. Or what amounts to the same thing, they are already within reach of a double to equal Sabio's 173… little before visiting Athletic, the rival who punished the most in his career (14 goals), and San Mamés, the stadium where he began to build his red-and-black legend with his first major performance in the superclass, after several months of adapting to Cholismo, crowned with a hat trick.

Griezmann goal (1-0) at Atlético de Madrid 2-0 Lazio

Game by game… saving effort

After almost 12 years of glory, Simeone will not deviate from the 'game by game' philosophy with which he changed Atlético's history, but rather from the demands of the calendar, the beating that some players who have already screwed up their odometer and the trust in his team led Cholo to save effort. That's why Koke and Morata remained on the starting bench, that's why Griezmann and Giménez were replaced at half-time after the Frenchman had done his job, that's why Soyuncu, Memphis, Azpilicueta and Correa added their minutes…. And still, victory to be the first in the group. A team management of 10.

Record by record and moving up

While in his first years on the bench Simeone devoured practically all of the club's records, now he does his best by breaking his own records. If more than a decade ago they won 20 games at the Calderón, the Metropolitano is already a fortress of the same magnitude. Since February 19th, after 1-0 against Athletic, Atlético has transformed every duel in front of their fans into a celebration. If they repeat the feat against Getafe, the last to gain a point at the stadium, El Cholo will have left behind their best record after 21 victories.

Lino doesn't save anything

Simeone demonstrated once again with Lino, the only one warned of a sanction at Atlético, who does not play with Excel in hand, keeping him in the green during the 90 minutes without fear of seeing a card. The Brazilian agreed with him in scoring a great game: stealing after pressure before helping Griezmann to make it 1-0 and shooting with his “bad” leg to make it 2-0. A perfect summary for a performance with which he became the best football player on the pitch.

Goal by Samu Lino (2-0) at Atlético de Madrid 2-0 Lazio