Aston Martin He doesn't want to give too many clues about how his 2024 car is doing or expose too high expectations for the results of Fernando Alonso or Lance Stroll. However, it leaves the message that the great achievements achieved in 2023 will not cause them to fall into compliance.

Mike KrackThe leader of his team, in addition to taking stock of the course and praising the Asturian, responded on the Silverstone team's website to several questions related to the upcoming campaign.

To begin with, the Luxembourg leader went on a bit of a tangent when asked whether his team has already found the right path to better develop the 2024 car. “We face formidable competitors and the big question during the winter is always What kind of work did the other teams do?. You bite your nails constantly. You always ask yourself, 'Have we done enough?'. No matter what happens, you're always in the same cycle: if the cars go to the track and we haven't done enough, then we have to work hard to improve. If we have done enough, we will have to work hard to keep improving. “That’s the only recipe that works in Formula 1,” he responds.

No restrictions

The manager, however, asks us not to look to the past, no matter how good it is when evaluating whether the lessons to correct the AMR23's defects will be reflected in next year's car. “We are not going to 2024 with the hangover of 2023. In fact, quite the opposite. This season, and especially the races at the end of the season, have been very positive for us, with some really valuable learnings that will be transferred to the 2024 car. We are not struggling with doubts”, proclamation.

Moving and new headquarters

The executive values ​​the improvement he hopes will come with the transfer to his New place. “The first phase of the AMR Technology Campus was completed earlier this year and we moved into our new home during the European triple in late spring. We have a lot more space, a lot less doors and that made it a lot easier easier for everyone to communicate, and this is a business where communication is vital, because now we are all in the same place, instead of being dispersed over a large area. A disaster of a building that had grown organically over the last 30 years and was no longer fit for purpose. People who would previously have to purposely make a trip to talk now talk, for example, in the coffee shop, and that adds something. Now it's much easier to see and meet people and share ideas. The new campus It's a big step for us. It's the latest in every sense and will help us move forward. And there's still more to come. Phases two and three of construction are progressing well. He new wind tunnel will be ready next year, which be another crucial element in our development“, resume.