The midfielder had ups and downs during the match in Brasileirão, but he likes the Argentine coach. The purchase option is R$26 million

13 dec
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Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense FC – Caption: Praxedes in action against the flu, the match in which he scored the only goal / Play10

At the request of coach Ramón Díaz, Vasco will try to negotiate the purchase of Bruno Praxedes. The 21-year-old midfielder has had ups and downs in Brasileirão, but he really likes the Argentine. However, the situation is not easy at all: after all, it belongs to Red Bull Bragantino, and its takeover value in the contract is set at EUR 5 million (about R$ 26 million).

In July, the sides reached an agreement on the loan of Praxedes, who played very little for Massa Bruta. On this occasion, Ramón decided to personally meet the athlete and confirm his desire to have him under his command. After a great start, pairing with Paulinho in midfield, his effectiveness dropped and he was even blocked.

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However, in the last round, the coach himself asked SAF to pay the penalty so that Praxedes could be available against Bragantino himself, which was done. The midfielder performed well, did justice to his off-field efforts and helped the team avoid defeat. Ramón Díaz's vision is a player with high development potential and technical quality.

Vasco tries to reduce the value

With Alexandre Mattos at the forefront of talks, Vasco will seek a new loan, arguing that Praxedes has everything to excel in the new season, with more time and less pressure. If this is not possible, the idea is to offer an affordable price for Cruz-Maltino's budget. However, there will be no agreement for EUR 5 million.

Bragantino is initially reluctant to let the young midfielder go for a much lower price. That's because he bought him from Internacional in 2021 for €6 million (then R$36 million), in the biggest negotiations in the club's history. Satisfied with her adaptation in Vasco, Praxedes, who comes from Rio, has already declared that she wants to stay in São Januário.

“My desire is to stay. Let's see the next chapters,” he concluded.

The Red Bull Group even considered transferring the 1.85m tall to one of its clubs in Europe or the United States in order to develop him in a different style of football. This may be the way to go if there is no agreement with Vasco.

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