He is the self-described Mr. Perfect who advises millions of men on health, happiness and self-discipline.

Racking up billions of views worldwide, Dr. Andrew Huberman's YouTube channel, which offers men accessible scientific advice to combat everyday problems, has propelled him to fame in the massive world of online fitness.

As host of Huberman Laboratorythe neuroscientist and professor at Stanford Medicine counts names like Reese Witherspoon and Joe Rogan among his 5.25 million subscribers.

But now the Stanford professor risks a return to earth after being accused of a network of affairs behind his partner's back while she underwent IVF treatment.

A recent investigation of New York Magazine shed light on claims by several women that they were led to believe they were in exclusive relationships with the burly 48-year-old, who allegedly makes millions by running ads for diet products and wellness supplements.

(Andrew Huberman/YouTube)

In the stunning series of accusations, a woman, whom the publication calls Sarah, says she had been in a relationship with Huberman for about three years and was undergoing IVF treatment to have a child with him when she discovered he was having sex. unprotected. with at least five other women at the same time.

Her suspicions arose when she contracted a high-risk form of HPV, a sexually transmitted infection linked to cervical cancer, despite being tested ten years ago.

A spokesperson for Huberman denied that the couple intended to have children together, clarifying that “they decided to create embryos through in vitro fertilization.” The spokesperson also insisted that he was not in a monogamous relationship with Sarah until late 2021, although he appears to suggest elsewhere that he could have given her that impression.

Along with Sarah, others known only as Eve, Mary, Alex and a fifth and potentially sixth unknown, were all romantically associated with him – some were led to believe they were exclusive for years.

Everyone believed that other exes in Huberman's life had been “stalkers, alcoholics and compulsive liars,” according to the report. Sarah reports being told that one woman pulled out her hair with pieces of flesh still attached, while another tried to trap him with a story about a dead baby.

Huberman denies the allegations and insists the hair story was taken out of context.

“I'm at the stage in life where I really want to build a family,” he told Eve while reportedly involved with several other people. “That’s a resounding theme for me.”

However, despite reassuring words, he appeared to be chronically unreliable, disappearing for periods of time without any indication of his whereabouts.

For a man interested in promoting personal growth, he also seemed unapologetic about misleading his therapists, of which he had many over the years.

“One time we were having dinner and he told me something personal, and I suggested he talk to his therapist,” Eve shared.

“He laughed like it would never happen, so I asked him if he lied to his therapist. He told me he did this all the time.

Despite rejecting therapy, the podcaster appears to have maximized the use of “therapeutic talk” to familiarize herself with the inner experiences of many women.

“I heard you’re saying you’re angry and hurt,” he texted Sarah when she discovered diary entries about his infidelity. “I will listen to you as much as is necessary for us.”

“Your feelings are important,” he told Eve on the day he injected his girlfriend Sarah with hCG as part of her IVF treatment. “Actually, I’m quite a janitor.”

Discussing sex addiction with another woman, Huberman denied that he was a sex addict, referring to himself as a “love addict.”

According to the investigation, the aggrieved women compared date and time stamps and discovered that Huberman had texted nearly identical photos of himself to two of them at the same time.

While Sarah discovered that Huberman had slept with Mary the day before the couple moved in together, and was also with Mary in December 2023, around the time she caught him on the couch with an unidentified sixth woman.

One day in March, the women realized that Huberman had flown Mary thousands of miles from Texas to Los Angeles to stay with him in Topanga, California, about a six-hour drive from where Sarah stayed in Berkeley. That same day, he left Mary at home with her dog while he drove to a coffee shop to meet Eve and have a serious talk about their relationship.

In addition to the accusations of infidelity, Sarah alleges that the podcaster was often furious, fixating on past choices, including the men he had been with and the children he had with another man, and on one occasion compared their relationship to “swinging for apples in feces” – claims that Huberman’s team denies.

Huberman is accused of infidelity

(Chris Williamson/YouTube)

“I experienced his anger,” Sarah recalled, “like two or three days of screaming in a row. When he was in this state, he would continue until 11 or 12 at night and sometimes start again at two or three in the morning.”

Elsewhere, Huberman also seemed to suggest that he believes in polygamy for men and submission for women.

Mary said: “He told me that what he wanted was a woman who was submissive, who he could slap on the ass in public and who would be crawling on the floor for him when he got home.”

However, other former partners consulted by the publication claim to have friendly relations with Huberman, crediting the podcaster with “incredible emotional capacity” and “such a good heart”.

However, in a double whammy, the article also cast some doubt on the extent of Huberman's scientific ability.

The lab he is proud to have at Stanford – and which inspired the podcast title “Huberman Lab” – is no more than a postdoctoral student working alone, although it is also claimed that he packs his podcasts with “pseudoscience.” .

A Stanford spokesperson said New York Magazine, “Dr. Huberman's laboratory at Stanford is operational and in the process of moving from the Department of Neurobiology to the Department of Ophthalmology,” while a spokesperson for Huberman said that the equipment in his laboratory remained in use until the last postdoc was transferred to a teaching position. .

It is also alleged that Huberman's narrative of growing up in a broken home of “pure neglect”, becoming involved in street fights and spending time in a detention center where young men took their own lives, may have omitted more suburban elements from the story. .

The son of a Stanford academic and having attended a wealthy, high-achieving school where he was known for his skateboarding, his father acknowledges that he was sometimes “disturbed.”

The revelations divided social media, as users were alternately outraged and perplexed by the news, including among her six million Instagram followers.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald countered: “I've never heard of Andrew Huberman and know little about him, but I kept reading this endlessly gossipy article in this shitty magazine, hoping for at least a single revelation about his private adult life that merited public interest or knowledge, and I never found none.”

However, others dismissed any attempt to defend him, saying: “Andrew Huberman gets five girlfriends at the same time, tells each of them it's exclusive, and gets them all to agree to unprotected sex. Neither of them are aware or consent to him sleeping with anyone. I don’t know why everyone is rushing to defend him.”

Others asserted that although the women's experience demonstrated a failure of moral character on the part of the professor, it did not dispel his reputation for efficiency.

“He has despicable moral character, but sign me up for whatever productivity schedules and yang energy elixirs he's whipping up,” said one X/Twitter user. Another added: “This article shows that Andrew Huberman is a big dirty bag and very dishonorable in his treatment of women, although the description of his management of a situation with five simultaneous girlfriends does not take away from his reputation for extreme productivity/focus.

Huberman did not respond to the backlash that followed the publication of the report, but released a new video on “Benefits and Risks of Peptide Therapeutics for Physical and Mental Health” on his YouTube channel two days ago.