Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't afraid to talk about the woman in his heart.

During a guest appearance on Travis and Jason Kelce's eponymous podcast, New heights, the 76-year-old filmmaker made a rare comment about his girlfriend of 10 years, Heather Milligan. While the father of five spent time watching football with his sons, Milligan, a physical therapist for professional athletes, taught him the ins and outs of the game he never knew.

“I learned the game. I learned the rules and later, about 10 years ago, I fell in love with Heather, my girlfriend, who is a physiotherapist, who treats many football players, boxers, UFC fighters and basketball players”, said the former governor of California in the April 3 recording.

He added: “And she’s a real sports fanatic, especially football. So now I'm sitting with her and she explains if I have any questions. It never stops. That’s really what’s happened over the last few years.”

According to the actor, the duo shares a multitude of similar interests besides their love of football. Speaking with People In 2023, Schwarzenegger admitted, “We have so many things in common.”

“I think her world. I love that she enjoys working. She is clearly independent. She’s just motivated as hell,” she added.

Milligan is the creator of Elite OrthoSport, one of the largest physical therapy clinics for athletes in Los Angeles. Schwarzenegger not only enjoys watching his girlfriend grow and expand her business, but he also revels in the perks of meeting some of his beloved athletes.

“I talk to them while they are in therapy because I admire them, they are great athletes,” he said People. “Even though a lot of them make me feel like a chicken.”

Schwarzenegger and Milligan met in 2012, a year after the former politician's ex-wife, Maria Shriver, filed for divorce. Shriver and Schwarzenegger married in 1986, welcoming four children — Katherine, 34, Christina, 32, Patrick, 30, and Christopher, 26. Terminator the actor also shares a fifth son, Joseph Baena, 26, with Mildred Baena, his former housekeeper.

Although Shriver and Schwarzenegger's divorce was not finalized until 2021, Schwarzenegger ventured into a relationship with Milligan after recruiting her as his physical therapist prior to filming Escape plan. The Hollywood star had shoulder surgery and his surgeon recommended Milligan as a trainer to help him get in shape before production.

Reflecting on when he met his now-partner, Schwarzenegger said, “So I went to her, and after my therapy was over, after I finished the movie, I called her back and took her to lunch to say thank you. And then one thing led to another.”