Arbaaz Khanknown for his reserved behavior towards the paparazzihas recently transformed, becoming more affable and accessible to photographers after its married for Shura Khan.
In an interview with News18 Showsha, Khan disclosed that while he previously had reservations about the paparazzi's intrusion into his personal space, his perspective has evolved.

Malaika Arora joins ex-husband Arbaaz Khan and his wife Sshura Khan for a family dinner and is clicked by Salim Khan

The actor, who married Sshura Khan on December 24, 2023, has noticed a significant change in the attention he has received, attributing it mostly to personal rather than professional reasons. Previously, Khan admitted to feeling uneasy about paparazzi culture, especially regarding intrusions into his private life. However, he now recognizes the inevitability of media scrutiny in the digital age and adopted a more responsive approach.

Arbaaz Khan's new perspective highlights the importance of maintaining a positive public image in today's media-dominated scenario. He emphasizes the importance of projecting a paparazzi-friendly personality, recognizing their role in shaping celebrities' public images and enhancing their popularity. Embracing this symbiotic relationship, Arbaaz confessed that he doesn't crave pampering but has now learned to accept it.