Apex Legends Season 20 has a release date of February 13th on consoles and PC. In addition to new Battle Pass rewards, unlockable Legends, and map changes, the new season launches alongside a massive new update. As you can see in the patch notes below, the new Season 20 update introduces a 120Hz performance mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Legends have also been tweaked, with heavy characters receiving medium gear first-person movement animations to make them appear less sluggish. As for the map, the Apex Games Museum on World's Edge has a new exhibit that pays homage to the history of the Outlands and the origin of the Games. Check out the full list of patch notes below.

Apex Legends Season 20 Patch Notes…

• Tags added: a 3-4 character tap in front of player usernames that appear everywhere usernames appear

– Clubs are being retired – check out the Highlights blog for more details

• Events moved to a dedicated tab in the Lobby (outside the Seasonal tab)


Craft 2.0

• Crafting Rotation no longer exists, all weapons and items are back on the ground

• Crafting options reduced to Shield Battery, Med Kit, Ammo and Player Banners

• Inventory can now be accessed from the Crafting menu

• Grand Maude of Rampart

– All paintball guns are now free, dispensing time has increased

– Greater variety of weapons, but gold-equipped weapons are no longer offered

– One free weapon per player, per match (Loba can steal a second one from the Black Market)

• Replicators

– Each individual Replicator is now single-use per player, per match

– Each game will start with 12 spawns

– Reduced interaction time with instant printing

– Printed items left unattended will automatically be ejected from the replicator after some time

Care Package Gun Rotation

• EVA-8 enters the Care Package

• Prowler returns to the ground

Golden Gun Rotation

• R-301, RE-45, Mastiff, Devotion, 30-30


Heavy Platform Legends (Gibraltar, Caustic, Pathfinder, Newcastle, Revenant)

• Now use medium gear first-person movement animations

• Actual game speed has not changed, these Legends will feel less slow when running

Support Legends

• The contents of the Extended Supply Box have been improved (see below)


• Sling: Sling weapons now have all white attachments while equipped

• Storm: ally range effect radius increased to 90m (was 13m)

hunting dog

• Tracker: Raven scan's Ult Charge is now blocked by the Hunting Ravens update


• Black Veil:

– lifespan decreased to 15s (was 25s)

– length reduced to 40m (was 55m)


• Radiant Flash

– Cooldown increased to 26s (was 21s)

– Temporary shield generation rate reduced to 15HP/s (was 20HP/s)

– Temporary Shield generation time increased to 9s (was 8s)

• Energy Barricade

– Mine duration reduced to 45s (was 60s)

– Mine HP reduced to 200HP (was 250HP)

– The distance at which mines are removed when placed too close to each other has been increased by approximately 100%.


• Surveillance Drone

– Drone recall speed has been slightly increased

– Drone entry and exit transitions are now faster


• Gravitational Lift: cooldown increased to 25s (was 20s)

Life line

• In modes with Upgrade Cores enabled, Lifeline's Care Package now has a 50/50 chance of granting an extra piece of smart gear (vs. large consumable) instead of Armor

Mad Maggie

• Wrecking ball

– Will no longer be destroyed on the first enemy hit

– Instead, the Wrecking Ball will trigger an explosion and then continue, allowing a second explosion to be triggered later

– The same player cannot be hit again by the ball for 2s after the first impact

– Players can only be affected by shock and knockback effects once

– You will now jump through devices you hit and destroy


• Jump Pad: Double jump audio drop has been adjusted to be slightly less audible over long distances


• Internal knowledge

– Scanning Care Packages now grant 50% Ult Charge (was 100%) and 15s Ult Cooldown (was 10s)

– This also applies to Ring Console or Survey Beacon scans


Map updates

• The Apex Games Museum, at the edge of the world, has an all-new exhibit that pays homage to the history of the Outlands and the origins of the Games. Filled with interactive kiosks, artwork and a red carpet, the museum has lots of interesting information, community artwork and even some Easter eggs.

• Special celebratory costumes in the form of flags, banners, and even the return of our massive Legend balloons can be found across all maps. This year features an all-new cast designed with the Breakout aesthetic in mind.

• Tridents, bouncing balloons, gravity cannons, loot boxes and more have a new look to complement the season's theme.

Thunder Dome

• Feel the energy as the crowd comes to life on our first custom Mixtape map!

• Immerse yourself in the action of a three-lane focused multiplayer map designed for fast-paced gameplay

• Playable in all mixtape game modes: Team Deathmatch, Gun Run and Control

• Get excited by listening to the cheers of the crowd in the arena stands


• Mixtape

– Updated loadouts to reflect changes to the weapon meta

– Gun Run: removed Charge Rifle, added Kraber

• NEW LTM: Straight Shot — check out the collection event blog for more details

– Players appear above a random POI and parachute, without Jumpmaster

– Weapons appear equipped with different rarities, simplifying looting

– Lobby reduced to 30 players and shorter rounds

– Re-queue with your party directly from the death screen

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