Anupama Written Update 19 September 2023: Today’s Episode

We’re back with the most recent information about the most well-known TV program, Anupama. This article includes a written update by Anupama as of September 19, 2023. The most recent episode began with Anuj looking through what he believed to be the identical files that Anupama had been discussing. Choti Anu arrives at the same moment and informs him that her maths homework is overdue. She also requests his assistance. In a drawer, Anuj saves such documents. Malti Devi is shown ghungroo by Anupama, who subsequently introduces herself as Anupama. Anupama expresses her happiness at this and admits to Malti Devi that she was really nervous when she first arrived.

Anupama Written Update 19 September 2023

Malti Devi recalled that exact time as well. Anupama also recalled that she was the one who created the lap and applied it to her feet when the glass bits hurt her feet. She added that Malti Devi attended Samar’s wedding as well. Malti Devi also recalled everything and felt bad as she exacted retribution on her. She sobbed while claiming that she had treated Anupama badly and had even attempted to keep her children away. Even after all this, you’re still doing this with me, says Malti Devi, who also claims that Anupama is so good and she is such a nasty person.

You are my Guru, Anupama says. I am a dark spot, claims Malti Devi. Anupama comforts her with an embrace. When Anuj overhears them, she appears to have realized her error and decides it would be best to go forward from this point. He answers Choti Anu’s call and leaves. Malti Devi expresses her regret for not treating her with the deference due to a Guru. Even Guru, according to Anupama, is entitled to make errors. Malti Devi expresses her regrets. Vegetables are being cleaned by Kinjal. Baa tries to help. Kinjal promises to carry it through and tells the woman to go rest or else she will inform Mummy. She always threatens me, claims Baa.

A great Saas and Bahu episode is discussed by Babu Ji and Vanraj. As Toshu questions Pari about her plans for a kid, Dimpy comes over and puts her to sleep. Baa requested that Kavya be taken to the hospital after she had a sonogram. They talk about throwing a party for Buddy’s birthday after Anuj recognizes Anupama. In the files, Anupama discovers a picture of a child and begs Malti Devi’s pardon. Anupama prays to God to aid her in locating her son. Anuj tries to woo Anupama while also surprising her with a gift.

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