Brazilian stars bring a touch of summer this December

You can count in this trio of Brazilian superstars to bring the most fiery beat tracks. On Thursday, Anitta, Dennis and Pedro Sampaio released their collaboration (and Anitta's final release of the year) “Joga pra Lua”, which translates to “Play for the Moon”.

“I really threw myself into funk in 2023. Ending the year with this song is very special for me”, says Anitta. “I've had this chorus in my head for months… It's delicious. It’s so summery!”

“It makes you want to start dancing right away!” she added about the track, which also samples “Uva,” originally performed by Brazilian funk group Os Saradinhos.

Anitta debuted the track while performing on TikTok in the Mix over the weekend in Arizona, where she also teased snippets of the tracks “Grip” and “I Wanna F.” She was also joined on stage by Peso Pluma for the first performance of their collaboration “Bellakeo”.

Dennis and Sampaio are frequent collaborators of Anitta. She and Sampaio previously released “Dançarina Remix” and “No Chão Novinha”, while Anitta just joined Dennis on “Monstrão”. He also produced some of the songs on her 2022 LP Versions of me.

“I love collaborating with other artists. And I think it’s wonderful when that harmony leads to one, two or more collaborations,” she said. “'Joga pra Lua' celebrates my musical connection with these boys.”


Anitta is also expected to release a video of the project next week, which was filmed in Rio de Janeiro and directed by Anitta herself.

Earlier this year, the singer released a package of songs Geração Funk: a love story in the favelajoined Tomorrow x Together on “Back for More” and released the solo single “Mil Veces”.



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