After breaking almost all box office records, the Ranbir Kapoor star 'Animal' slowed down national box office as it makes its smallest collection in India so far on Thursday.
According to a report by Sacnilk, the film is estimated to gross just over Rs 7.63 crore in India on Thursday. According to, Animal earned Rs 337.58 crore (Hindi: Rs 300.81 crore; Telugu: Rs 33.45 crore; Tamil: Rs 2.73 crore; Kannada: Rs 52 lakh; Malayalam: Rs 7 lakh ) in the first week. the film minted Rs 22.95 million (Hindi: Rs 21.56 million; Telugu: Rs 1.22 million; Tamil: Rs 15 lakh; Kannada: Rs 1 lakh; Malayalam: Rs 1 lakh). Animal earned Rs 34.74 crore (Hindi: Rs 32.47 crore; Telugu: Rs 2 crore; Tamil: Rs 25 lakh; Kannada: Rs 1 lakh; Malayalam: Rs 1 lakh) on the ninth day. Since its launch, Animal has minted Rs 473.89 crore in India.

Earlier, in an interview with ETimes, Bobby spoke about portraying the character of To say in the movie. He said, “We all have good and evil inside us. We become good human beings when we control our demons. It's like we have so many bacteria and viruses that exist in us, but they don't do anything to us. But we can use that thought, that emotion, when we have to act like that character. So when I was playing the character of Abrar, I felt that I was also a hero. Because when he is a child, he sees his grandfather burn. before his eyes and he loses his voice and swears revenge. And he is a very family-oriented person. He is romantic, he has three wives, but he loves his family. He gives his life for his family and takes a life for his family. And it was like that that I looked like a character. When I was emoting, I was feeling like a normal person. But because I was put in a space where it feels like, okay, he's a bad person, then it makes him seem even more evil. When a person is wrong, she doesn't understand that she is wrong, she thinks she is doing the right thing. That's how I felt. I wanted to be portrayed.”

BTS video of Anil Kapoor preparing for the role of Balbir Singh's stunt double in 'Animal' goes viral

Animal movie review
Animal portrays a violent world against the backdrop of a tumultuous relationship between Ranbir's character, Ranvijay Singh, and his father Balbir Singh, played by Anil Kapoor.
Despite its success in theaters, Animal faced criticism from some critics and viewers, who labeled it misogynistic and graphically violent. The film, produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar's T-Series, Murad Khetani's Cine1 Studios and Pranay Reddy Vanga's Bhadrakali Pictures, has provoked diverse reactions for its intense and controversial content.
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