“He loves playing and he loves helping his team win. It's not a selfish thing,” the Kansas City Chiefs coach shared about Kelce's apparent criticism of a bad decision during the big game.

Super Bowl LVIII ended with a triumph for the Kansas City Chiefs, a feat that colored every moment leading up to the big victory with rose-colored glasses. The team played with a passion that at one point peaked with Travis Kelce nearly knocking over head coach Andy Reid, who the tight end apparently believed had made a bad decision in taking him off the field during the second quarter. But Reid is looking at Kelce's sideways push in the Super Bowl as a product of the effort that led them to victory.

“What I love is he loves playing and wants to help his team win,” Reid told reporters after the Chief’s overtime win. “It's not a selfish thing, it's not that, and I understand that. So, no matter how many times he bumps into me, I go after him and we understand that.”

In the clip of Kelce and Reid's interaction, the coach stumbled as the player grabbed his arm and expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision. He had been taken out of the game shortly before a left tackle by Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco resulted in a fumble and a Chiefs turnover. At the time, the San Francisco 49ers were in the lead. Naturally, tensions were high. Chiefs player Jerick McKinnon quickly intervened on the sideline and pulled Kelce away from Reid.


“He keeps me young,” the 65-year-old joked during the post-match interview, adding: “He tested that hip. He caught me off balance – normally I’d give him a little, but I didn’t have a foot under me.”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes attributed the moment to an example of the connection Reid has built with his team. “Everyone loves the game, everyone wants to compete,” he said. “Coach Reid wants to compete too, be careful or he might stay for a while too. That’s the mentality we’ve always had and that’s how we can win these types of games.”