IFar from being the last race of 23, with everyone tired and the drivers wanting to take a vacation, the final race in Abu Dhabi contains some duels and supremacies to be settled that will still be a lot of fun.

Alonso and Sainz, tied on 200 points

Carlos is ahead due to having a better result than Fernando, the great victory in Singapore, which counts more than the Asturian’s superb eight podiums. They have no desire to be the best Spanish player of the season, each one had their moment of glory, but whoever is ahead will take this honorary trophy. Maybe they will give us a great race like the one in Las Vegas, where they passed and evaluated. Fourth place in the World Cup is at stake, which for Fernando is not the best of his career, but for Carlos it is. It comes from two sixths and two fifths, in progression.

Supremacy at Ferrari… and Alpine

Carlos could finish another year ahead of Leclerc, which again is a small game, but it’s good not to be the favorite and stay ahead, as well as being the only one to beat the best car and driver at the moment. Separated by 12 points, they should be enough for the Spaniard as long as he finishes the race without incident.


Incidents that could not be ruled out at Ocon-Gasly, openly hostile but French in the team and the French engine, which no longer competes for fifth place in the constructors and can let them run as fast as they can. In Las Vegas they bordered on cataclysm, we will see in Abu Dhabi separated by just 4 points.

Mercedes Vs Ferrari, in four points

This is the battalion of battalions, with several million euros at stake for being runner-up, more money for the 2024 car, and fewer hours of development until June also for whoever finishes best.


For Mercedes it would be to continue on the third step of the title in 2021, and that hurts against a Ferrari that, as Alonso always said, is at the top every year, when it’s good it wins and when it’s not, it’s second or third.

The anger is so great that it was Mercedes, always according to Paddock radio, who was behind Sainz not being forgiven for the unfair penalty for the sewage that divided his car on Friday in Las Vegas. And it worked, they scored less points and are still ahead.

Verstappen, for Schumacher and Hamilton

Tied for 53rd with Vettel, in Abu Dhabi he manages to take the lead alone compared to Schumacher’s 91 and Hamilton’s 103, also with his 19th victory in the same season, which is more than a record, it’s a legend.


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