Former Italian footballer Giovanni Padovani has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Alessandra Matteuzzi.. The Bologna court found Padovani guilty of the events that occurred on August 23, 2022 near the former couple's home. The judge in charge of the case, Domenico Pasquariello, He made his decision after just two hours of trial According to some, they even point out that the football player and model tried to explain that he was not sane.

The then Sancataldese player from Serie D -equivalent to the country's Fourth Division-, He injured the woman with kicks, punches and blows with a hammer, then with a baseball bat and finally with a bench he took from a garden near the scene of the incident.. Actions that ended up causing his death. Matteuzzi was murdered as a result of Padovani's inhumane attack. Some actions were carried out on his doorstep and for which the football player will have to serve a life sentence, in addition to paying compensation to the victim's family members who had already reported him for harassment weeks ago.

Quick and insistent phone calls, even at night, to check on your ex and find out if she was lying

Private detective

Giovanni Padovani's “obsessive” requests

One of the fundamental testimonies of the case was that of an investigator who tried to demonstrate the obsession of the former football player and model in 2021. It was the same investigator, upon learning of the brutal murder of his ex-partner, who He contacted the police, reporting some “obsessive” requests, “which sometimes bordered on the absurd”. Testimonies collected and included in the investigation documents. A trial in which the attacker was accused of qualified homicide due to premeditation, harassment, frivolous reasons and emotional bond.

The detective pointed out that there was “quick and insistent phone calls, even at night, to check on the ex and find out if she was lying“. A common behavior in Padovani: “From the beginning It caught my attention that with great insistence, between 10 and 15 times a day, including at night, he hoped to have real-time information about Matteuzzi's movements.” to have “confirmation of the information she gave you over the phoneA behavior that she considers “excessive, I would say obsessive”. Alessandra even posted on social media where she was, in addition to going to the place where she worked and recording a video inside the bathroom “to be able to check the correspondence between the places.”