Sheena Leigh Cabuyaban, 25, chooses to be an animal rescuer instead of pursuing a professional career. Photos courtesy of Sheena Leigh Cabuyaban

A 25-year-old college student won the hearts of netizens by sharing her journey of choosing to be an animal rescuer over pursuing her dream of becoming a media reporter.

Sheena Leigh Cabuyaban posted on Facebook that she graduated in communications five years ago. But instead of pursuing a career as a journalist, she dedicated her life to saving stray animals in the streets.

In 2021, she resigned from her job to work “full-time.” cat mother and rescuer,” and she supports the needs of her beloved rescues by selling various feline-inspired products locally and internationally.

Passion and calling

Animals have always held a special place in Cabuyan's heart. Already in the first grade of elementary school, she began adoption cats and as she grew older, she realized her calling was to give the homeless a “second chance at life.”

In February 2022, she built the “CAThography Cat Cabin” as a “reform” home for her 38 rescue cats. Cabuyaban told the Inquirer that the cats used to stay in cages, but now they have a spacious home complete with furniture, toys and other amenities.

The photos show the interior and exterior of the 'CAThography Cat Cabin' that Cabuyaban built for his rescue cats.

The photos show the interior and exterior of the 'CAThography Cat Cabin' that Cabuyaban built for his rescue cats. Photos courtesy of Sheena Leigh Cabuyaban

“[My rescued cats] They are the reason I am motivated in life. It is them and my future rescues that give me the strength to continue and spread my advocacy to rescue those lost on the streets and give them a new life instead of adopting and purchasing animals,” said Cabuyaban.

Journey with CATography

In addition to being a rescuer, Cabuyaban is also a businesswoman and vlogger who documents the day of her rescues. She created CATography social media accounts where she can “capture the beauty and spirit of our feline friends.”

Later, it became her source of income from maintaining the cat cabin and from her rescues, when she started selling various products on her social media, including mugs, bags and shirts.

The photos show CATography merchandise.

The photos show CATography merchandise. Photos courtesy of Sheena Leigh Cabuyaban

Cabuyaban also receives contributions from the page's followers, which automatically go towards supporting its rescued cats and other stray animals. She says her rescue cats have been vaccinated, dewormed, spayed and neutered thanks to the community's tireless support.

Choosing to be an animal rescuer is a decision she never regrets. As he follows his chosen path, Cabuyaban sends a message to animal lovers and internet users: “To cat lovers, owners or rescuers, I understand the difficulties you are going through. Don’t let negative comments about our ways of supporting homeless animals affect us.”

“And readers, please support animal rescuers because behind the scenes we go through a lot of hardships, but we endure it all,” he adds.

For customers and donors interested in supporting Cabuyaban's rescue journey, you can contact her through her Facebook account, Sheena Leigh B. Cabuyabanor your Facebook page, CATography.


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