Actress Amy Jacksonnext to the groom Ed Westwick and son Andreascelebrated Easter with style and warmth. The actress shared a series of photos on her Instagram account, which portrayed a true family this time. On April 3, Amy shared a delightful series of photos capturing the Easter festivities.
The photos showed a happy scene, with Ed Westwick enjoying a delicious dessert, Andreas enjoying a piece of bread and Amy herself enjoying juicy strawberries. The Easter-themed post also featured candid moments from the trio's bonding, including a photo of Amy and Andreas perched on a tree branch and Andreas playing with a Spider-Man mask.
Check out the photos here:

Amy expressed gratitude for the blessings of Easter and hinted at the promising future for her family. She wrote: “I know what they mean by 'Blessed Easter.' It's our first spring season in the new house, and if this weekend is anything to go by… I think we're going to have a beautiful life ahead of us.” Addressing her followers, Amy extended Easter wishes and joked with humor about hitting the gym after indulging in Easter treats, revealing the dessert Ed was enjoying – a bowl of Andreas' finest meringue puree with coconut cream.

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Sharing dreamy photos from Gstaad, Switzerland, where Ed proposed to Amy on bended knee, the couple officially declared their commitment to each other. They got engaged on January 29, 2024. Their love story which sparked rumors in 2022 and was confirmed through beautiful Instagram posts in 2023 by Amy. She was previously in a relationship with hotelier George Panayiotou, with whom she shares a son born in 2019. The couple later separated.