Senator Esperidião Amin (PP-SC) expressed concern about the management of the Itaipu Binacional plant. He quoted a newspaper article Economic value which shows that the Brazilian nuclear and binational share company (ENBPar) is depositing with the court the value of the purchase of energy from the plant. This is because the agreement between Brazil and Paraguay regarding Itaipu expired last August and is being renegotiated. Therefore, the tariff level has not yet been determined, which makes it impossible to correctly determine the amount that energy companies in Brazil will pay.

— Payment is made based on the previous year's value. But the truth is that the duty should be reduced because the investment has already been paid, the senator said in a remote speech on Wednesday (3).

According to Amin, Brazil buys 85% of the energy generated in Itaipu, and Paraguay keeps the rest. Since the money is deposited in court, Itaipu cannot count on the amount in cash. According to Amin, the crisis results from ineffective negotiations and leads to a situation of legal uncertainty. He recalled that it was President Lula who held the first discussion on the renegotiation of values ​​in 2008. According to the senator, the discussion on the tariff should be treated as a fundamental and urgent matter. Amin also asked the leaders of the government in the Senate, Jaques Wagner (PT-BA) and Congress, Randolfe Rodrigues (S/Partido-AP), to present the situation to President Lula.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)