VLooking from the front to the back, there are some changes to the Aston Martin AMR24 presented this Monday, when compared to the AMR23, the car with which Alonso achieved eight podiums in 2023.

– What draws the most attention is the redesign of the beginning of the floor and the deflectors that enter the lower part of the floor, more advanced and with a greater suspended area compared to last year.

This floor is combined with pontoons that also have an advanced beam (see the halo) and that are much narrower in side view.

Aston Martin AMR2024, comparison by partsSource: Aston Martin Infographic: BRAND

– Taking admission above the driver's head, it has been refined and has more suspension than last year

– O each of the pontoons is similar, but more sustained and goes further back in the diffuser.

– The engine cover has been modified in the cooling ducts that extract heat from the interior.

– He rear spoiler It also looks very different on the side supports, in line with what has already been seen at Aston at the end of the 2023 season.

In the front view you can see the new nose, shorter and hooked into the background of the spoiler and not with the first one as in 2023. The upper air intake and that of the sidepods have changed compared to last year.