Fernando Alonso is already driving the new Aston Martin AMR24 at the Silverstone circuit, where carried out the car's shakedown in the afternoon, on the day of the official presentation, which was actually a work day and not marketing events, as was customary years ago in all teams.

Alonso expects from the new car not so much a leap as big as the one in 2023, but rather improving the weakest points. “I don't think we won a second or more like last year, because we started with a somewhat poor base and This only happens once in a lifetime, you win tenths, and I don't know if they are enough to close the gap with our rivals,” he told the media on Sunday afternoon.

“The car improvement in all areas, faster at top speed and in fast corners, something we were missing in 2023. And we hope we were able to maintain the strengths we had: traction, be careful with the tires…”, he says about the tasks that the team has completed this winter.

In the morning Stroll did this

His partner was in charge of putting the car on the Silverstone asphalt first thing in the morning. This time, Instead of television and press conferences, Aston preferred to send the media a one-minute video and some photos with digital rendering and take advantage of the 200 km availableas the FIA ​​has doubled the distance for this season.

Lance, this time he will be able to start the season without the problems of 2023, the result of the fall from his bicycle which caused him to arrive very injured, with both wrists fractured, the first race and with a badly injured ankle, after missing the first tests in which he was replaced by Felipe Drogavitch.