TFollowing last week’s controversial statements about the world of football, Violet Mangrina was confessed in the section titled ‘Wasabi‘ from his podcast ‘You have it raw’ with Alice Campello.

Talking about fashion trends, Álvaro Morata’s wife and the influencer agreed that Transparencies were a ‘must’ in your wardrobe. However, the Valencian added a ‘but’ and wanted to explain herself well.

After confessing that, although he was happy with his breast before, he would now like it smaller, Mangrin said the reason she had breast surgery.

Alice Campello, “delighted” with her breast

“I had surgery six years ago, I didn’t really do it because of the size, but because They were very ugly and I didn’t like them. It was a complex that I had and that I wanted to get rid of,” she confessed.

“And now, depending on what, there are times when I use transparency or I use it depending on what and I look vulgar” he explained before Campello would reveal that she also went through a period of wanting to have more breasts and “now I’m delighted because it looks much more elegant to me”.


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