Celebrity beauty secret videos are very popular and have been around for a minute. Learning about the intricacies behind a look or getting details on the products used has even the best of us hooked, and for good reason. There is still a lot of fascination around the idea of ​​celebrity; we want to know what they eat, we want to know what makeup they use, we want to know what they wear. We want to be them and live this luxurious life that we can only be spectators of. Watching them give away bits and pieces of their lives makes us emotional and Alia Bhatt’s recent leak about her ‘sunburned glow’ look has got beauty enthusiasts talking.
In a video for Allure magazine she recently made, Indeed shared the details of how to achieve your everyday bronzed beauty in 10 minutes with the help of good solid makeup tips that she claimed to have learned from a longtime friend and collaborator Punit Saini, a celebrity makeup artist who also did makeup on two important days in her life: this year’s Met Gala look and the makeup look for Alia’s wedding to Ranbir Kapoor. She said that the duo has worked together for 8 years and calls the makeup artist “family”.

Alia Bhatt said she learned her makeup skills from celebrity makeup artist and long-time friend Punit Saini. Source: Allure/Youtube.

Calling the makeup look a “sunburnt glow,” she explained that the inspiration behind the look was a sun-kissed glow you get after being in the sun all day. In the video, she said: “You know that feeling you get after being in the sun all day, where you’re tired, but there’s this glow on your face and you’re naturally flushed and you just look, you know, like a child. from the earth? I want to go with this look. While most of us consider a full face to be the epitome of celebrity glamour, the tide has turned now and the emphasis seems to be on highlighting your natural features rather than covering them with layers of makeup. The clean girl beauty seems to have won this round again.
For starters, Alia says she avoids foundation and opts for a skin tint that pairs with a brightening, hydrating primer, humorously referring to herself as a mixologist. The secret to achieving this look starts with a good, moisturizing foundation, so that the shade is perfect for the look. She says she wants “skin to feel like skin.” as she loves showing off her freckles and does so with her hands saying “I don’t feel very comfortable using a brush when I’m applying paint to my skin. I feel like I get better coverage when I use my hands.”
After prepping her skin, she applies a creamy, hydrating concealer to cover dark spots and under-eye bags with a beauty blender. She follows with a peach-colored cream blush that she applies exclusively in a C-shape – starting at the forehead and moving down in a curve over the temple and down to the apples of the cheeks in a C-shaped curve. She also brings the blush over the nose and connects it to the other side of the face in the same C shape. She applies even more to the chin to fully incorporate the tanned look.
For contouring, she uses a heavy hand to define the cheekbones. She eventually blends with a beauty blender and sets her makeup with a translucent, fine-grained powder just under her eyes. She continues with peachy pink shades for her eyes and a natural mascara for her lashes – the goal is for her makeup to look as natural as possible so she avoids any heavy makeup at all costs. She then brushes her eyebrows and fills them in with brow powder. Alia says she lets her “eyebrows grow now.” and that she hasn’t “shaped them much. So it’s denser at the top.”

Alia Bhatt

Alia opts for peachy pink shades in her eye makeup to complete her ‘sunburned glow’ Source: Allure/ Youtube.

She finishes the look by brushing contouring powder into the hollows of her face and applying a layer of liquid highlighter to the high points of her face. As for her lip makeup, she opts for a peachy nude lipstick that she finishes off with a glossy lip balm for maximum shine. At the end of her routine, Alia looks refreshed and radiant – ready for a night on the town.

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So there’s Alia Bhatt’s 10-minute ‘sunburnt glow’ makeup routine. Would you like to try it yourself?


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