Alexandre Volkanovskirival this weekend Ilia Topuria at the big event Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipHe's much more than a fighter MMA. The challenge that the Spanish-Georgian faces this week is one of the most important of his career: for many, Volkanovski is considered the best fighter in the featherweight category and your new mission will be to finish him off undefeated of Topuria.

Volkanovski was also successful in rugby

Volkanovski grew up to be a true warrior. At a very young age he started practicing Greco-roman fight. At age 12 he won your first title and it was evident that he was born to dedicate himself to this. However, When I turned 14 I left wrestling aside. and his life took a different direction: He began to dedicate himself to another sport, rugby.. Jug in Warilla gorillas from Illawarra, the team in which he became a professional and won important titles in Australia.

His UFC career

At the age of 22, he abandoned rugby to return to fighting. Despite his height (1.68 m), he weighed 97 kg. He had to lose weight to achieve his goal of dedicating himself to MMA. In May 2012 he debuted as a professional 23 years old and Started competing in the Walter category (71-77kg), and little by little he became a featherweight. Nowadays It weighs 65 kg.

During four years he won several titles in Australia and stood out internationally with 13 wins and one defeat, until sign for UFC in 2016. In 2018, after four fights in Oceana, the company chaired by Dana White He took him to the United States, where he tested his true level. Today, Volkanovski is the Featherweight category champion and it is the third in the Pound for Pound ranking. He has a history of 26 wins Yes 3 defeats to your credit.


Family father

Alexander Volkanovski is one of the most popular fighters. A man capable of facing anyone who wants to challenge him. Yet when he takes off his gloves, he is a totally different individual. Has two daughters (Ariana and Airlie) and he cares a lot about his fatherhood, as much as his profession. More than once, in several interviews, he acknowledged that he always wanted to have children and that He is a very familiar person.

Why is Volkanovski called 'The Great'?

Many also know him by his nickname 'The Great' (Magno). With a Macedonian father and a Greek mother, the athlete has the same name as the former Macedonian king. Furthermore, the great conqueror was also the son of a Macedonian father and a Greek mother.