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The College of Nurses and Midwives of BC is warning that a Campbell River woman posing as a midwife is not a registered member of the college.

The college posted a public consultancy this week saying it has received reports that Annick Meckes, of Campbell River, may be offering midwifery services and carrying out restricted activities without having permission to do so.

“Annick Meckes has never been and is not a BCCNM registrant and is not entitled to practice as a midwife in British Columbia,” the notice reads.

Similar notices were posted this week for Jacqueline Soule of Fort St. John and Janice Lim Hing and Madison Desjarlais of the Greater Vancouver area.

In BC, the title “midwife” can only be used by those who have an approved four-year undergraduate degree, have passed a national exam and are enrolled in college.

The warnings come a month after the college issued a warning about the risks of using an unauthorized midwife for prenatal care, labor, birth and home births, including death of the mother or baby.

“These individuals do not have the same training, experience and access to life-saving medications and equipment as midwives, nor integration with hospitals for emergency care if necessary, resulting in significant risks to the health and safety of birthing women and their babies. ”, says the college website.

Unauthorized midwives sometimes use variations of the title, including “birth attendant,” “birth guard,” and “traditional midwife.”

In October, the college issued a public statement about Karma Dawn of Victoria, which offered “traditional midwifery” services. INNATE postpartum care professionals Directory lists Dawn as “a traditional midwife and guide for women to reclaim and cultivate their personal power.”

The Oct. 16 release warned that Dawn “has never been and is not a BCCNM registrant and does not have the right to practice midwifery in British Columbia.”

The BC College of Nurses and Midwives offers an online program midwife check tool to check the registration status of any individual claiming to be a wife (

The college claims it does not have the authority to bar individuals who are not enrolled at the college but continue to advertise themselves as midwives. This power, he says, belongs to the judicial system, which can issue an injunction.



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