In the “Clone Wars” season finale, titled “Hostage Crisis,” Anakin and Padmé meet in secret, and the former gives his lightsaber to the latter to prove that he trusts her with his life. While this is a sweet affirmation of love, Anakin is soon called away to intercept bounty hunter Cad Bane, who has taken a bunch of senators hostage. With no weapon to use, Anakin makes his way to the site’s central power core using the Force to conjure mind illusions, and bashing droids with his bare hands. 

Years later, after his turn to Vader, he fights Jedi Master Kirak Infil’a in Charles Soule’s comic book, “Darth Vader” #3. Infil’a had managed to evade Order 66, and Vader perceived him as a threat due to his immense power, despite the fact that Infil’a willingly exiled himself on the River Moon of Al’doleem. Vader learns of Infil’a’s Barash Vow, but the two engage in a fight anyway, as the vow is now meaningless with most of the Jedi dead. Vader uses the Force to part a flood that almost submerges him underwater, and to tear into a horde of Raptorans (birds native to the planet) to clear his path. He also uses the Force to hurl rocks at the Jedi and to rip Infil’a’s loyal droid apart.

Just like her former-master, Ahsoka uses Force combat in the novel “Ahsoka” (and also in “Tales of the Jedi”) during a fight with an Inquisitor named the Sixth Brother, who attacked and kidnapped Force-sensitives on Raada. Using the Force to pull the kyber crystals out of the Inquisitor’s weapon, Ahsoka causes his saber to explode, effectively killing him. Ahsoka then proceeds to use the crystals for her dual sabers. 

Hopefully we will see more Jedi (or Sith) use Force combat soon! (Sorry, Yoda.)

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