MANILA, Philippines – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said on Wednesday it is willing to help the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) secure its systems following the latest breach on its Facebook page.

AFP spokesperson and cybersecurity expert Francel Margareth Padilla made the assurance on Wednesday, after the PCG initially said it would carry out a hardware check with AFP IT experts following the hacking incident on 29 December. March.

However, although the PCG later said it would consult with IT experts from the Coast Guard's Weapons, Communications, Electronics and Information Systems Command, the AFP's offer still stands.

“The AFP is committed to extending support to all law enforcement agencies and organizations,” Padilla told in a text message.

“Whether the matter is directly related to national security or not, our mission as protectors of the people and guardians of the state extends to all domains, including the cyber domain,” he added. “Therefore, we are ready to provide assistance whenever necessary, reinforcing our dedication to safeguarding the nation and its citizens.”

The latest hacking was the fourth cyber attack against PCG this year.

The third incident was monitored on February 26th, while the first and second incidents occurred on February 3rd and 15th.

In February, the Department of Information and Communications Technology said the PCG website and other government websites were targeted in cyberattacks from an Internet Protocol address traced to a location in China.

On February 5, the Chinese Embassy in Manila said that Beijing firmly opposes all forms of cyber attacks in accordance with its law.

Also the embassy criticized Philippine government officials and the media for what they call “highly irresponsible” and “malicious” comments about the hacking incident.

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