HThere was a time when Adara Molinero was one of the visible faces Telecinco and one of the competitors of 'Big Brother' the most beloved of stories. There are many conflicts that have turned the situation around and the former winner of the competition has remained in the background. He continues to keep in touch with his fans, but television has remained out of his life.

It is for this reason that the entry of his mother, Elena Rodríguez, into the 'GH Do' surprised a lot on social media. There were those who expected their daughter to be the defender of the contest on stage, but the influencer had nothing like that planned. I don't want to step on a television set again and His defense would be through social media, mainly on X, formerly Twitter.

Ion Aramendiat the last gala of the contest, in which Elena had no defender, she explained the situation so that the program's followers were aware of the situation. “We invited Adara and she said no. We invited Aitor and he didn't respond. We invited Elena’s friend and she also refused to come”, said the presenter. At the moment, Elena knows nothing inside Guadalix.

Adara Molinero says goodbye to social media

The staunch defense of her mother's dispute in X cost Adara more than one upset. There are many followers of the program who were more in favor of Ivana's continuity and they harshly blamed the campaign that Adara is running on her social networks.

It is for this reason that the influencer made the decision to say goodbye to part of her social networks, starting with me and my mother. The only thing we want is for him to go on stage and that won't happen. To my followers, I’ll see you on Insta as always,” said Adara.