Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya recently spoke about the challenges he faced for being a 'true patriot' in Bollywood while highlighting the industryin double standards It is hypocrisy.
Expressing regret over his patriotic stance, Abhijeet commented, “I still laugh at my foolishness. I have a phrase to describe my mistakes: 'pretend to be a patriot, but don't become a real patriot'. Some so-called patriots are being paid to act, and I paid a high price to be the only patriot in this industry.”
He further criticized the lack of genuine patriotism in Bollywood, citing examples of how individuals in the industry exhibit double standards. Abhijeet pointed out instances where statements made by one person are ridiculed or contradicted by others, especially in political contexts.

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“No man in Bollywood is a patriot. In it, the husband says something, and the wife goes to parliament and scoffs. Ram Lallathen the wife, belonging to the same party, abuses Ram Ji. Therefore, do not make anyone a patriot by giving money; I lost money and more in this process,” Abhijeet told Bollywood Bubble.

Despite these challenges, Abhijeet affirmed his dedication to his craft of singing and entertain people while remaining committed to your beliefs.