San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan says the 49ers have two most valuable player candidates. However, he cannot decide which of them should win this coveted prize.

On WednesdayShanahan explained that point guard Brock Purdy and point guard Christian McCaffrey are among the best players in the league and each deserves MVP honors at the end of the season.

“Are you trying to get me in trouble with these two guys?” Shanahan said. “That's the only reason I wouldn't comment too much on either of them, because I don't want them to put up with each other.”

Typically the MVP goes to the QB. The last non-QB player to win was former Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson in 2012. As of Thursday, the odds checker has Purdy — who ranks second in the league in passing TDs (25 in 13 games) — second best rate (+200) to get the prize.

But McCaffrey makes a compelling argument. He leads the NFL in yards in 13 games (1614)touches (278) and is second in TDs (17).

“If any quarterback is going to win MVP, I don't see how Christian McCaffrey can't do it,” Shanahan said. “If (MVP) picks a quarterback, I don't have to talk about Christian — I can talk about our quarterback. If you just see his numbers, I think that solves the problem.”

While HC won't reveal its MVP selection, it knows it's lucky to have two factors that can help San Francisco win its first title in 29 years and secure home-field advantage in the playoffs.

As of Thursday, the betting site lists the 49ers (10-3) as the Super Bowl favorites (+260). Behind Thanks to ESPN's NFL playoff machine, they will secure the top seed in the NFC if they win their next four games.



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